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‘For the past several decades, organizations have based their hiring decisions on competencies. But we have entered a new era, where the most important skill in a workplace is the mindset to adapt, learn and grow according to what the job demands from you.’ - Harvard Business Review

A 21st century workplace demands individuals to lead with empathy, be skilled at problem solving and collaborate to create solutions.

At Warhorse, we’re trying to create learners who Communicate

& Collaborate to Critically and Creatively solve problems.


This program will help you become

A Powerful Speaker

Understand and learn to apply the science of speaking to change the way you communicate.

Learn how to resolve conflicts & negotiate effectively without affecting  relationships in both personal and professional life.

Skilled at conflict resolution & negotiation

A good listener & conversationalist

Learn how to actively listen and have your connections with your clients and teammates flourish.

Learn strategies to make contact with a client or network at an event & leverage the power of connections.

An expert at Networking

Learn communication styles & being assertive, two essentials in bringing ideas to life & ensuring the best solution is proposed & executed.

An assertive & empathic communicator

Confident at Group Discussions & Interviews

Learn the skill of expressing your views, ideas and thoughts effectively even in high pressure situations such as interviews and group discussions.

About us

We are an educational enterprise with the vision of imparting 21st-century skills, we strive to make our students the best version of themselves by helping them, Speak Better, Think Better & Learn Better.


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Some Kind Words From Our Students

Karan Gaglani

Before joining warhorse I was always scared to talk in front of people but Warhorse has given me this

confidence to go up on stage and talk with the confidence they have developed in me over the courses I

have done with them.



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